Archie’s Summer

Posted on: August 30, 2019

Since my last blog, I’ve had a fantastic family holiday at a small triathlon holiday destination in the French region of La Vallée. With a 2-lane 25m outdoor pool, climbing wall and gym, quiet and smooth countryside roads for riding, signposted run routes, a local athletics track, historic velodrome, and beautiful open water swim venues. We stayed in a non-coached week however we still had plenty to keep us busy and I left feeling in better shape than I arrived in. I would recommend a triathlon holiday to anyone or any family who enjoy keeping active as they do a brilliant job of creating the perfect training and relaxing environment that caters for all.

After returning from France I was back to working in my Dad’s factory (Radford’s Fine Fudge) earning more money to buy a new bike, and training in the late afternoons and evenings. Since coming back I also did the last race of the South Gloucester evening tri-series which was a low key open water sprint tri and a good confidence booster after coming 9th overall. My brother and I have also been to the Newport velodrome to have a training session for the first time on a track. It was amazing and I will definitely be doing it again.

I’ve done a few training swims at Weymouth and visited the Bristol Triathlon Training Lake to swim around the 650m marked loop. Also, I’ve been prepping for the cyclocross and cross-country running season. My last triathlon of the season is likely to be Langport Tri on the 15th of September, which I’m really looking forward to. Unfortunately for me, the second round of the South West cyclocross league at Cricket St Thomas is the same day. However, I’ve been to the venue with the race organiser to have a look at the course, and I would highly recommend that anyone interested should enter or go along to spectate, as it will be an awesome day out with a fast course for racing and plenty of entertainment for spectators.However, I will definitely be visiting Cricket St Thomas later on in the year to race the “Lemur Loop” 10k and help marshal the 12hr race after which will be just as amazing to race and watch on the 16th of November.Thank you for reading and I’ll keep you updated soon!

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