Christmas Training Thoughts

Posted on: January 15, 2020

Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself, spend quality time with family and be merry, but all in moderation! Here are our top tips to staying in relatively good shape over the festive period and avoid piling on the so hard to shift Xmas tyre. Remember the more you eat and drink the more there is to lose to get back down to your ideal or race weight! 

  • Alternate between water and alcoholic drinks to reduce your overall calorie consumption 
  • Avoid eating sugary and starchy foods after 6pm – your body should be winding down after this time and sugar sends it the wrong message resulting in excess fat storage and weight gain 
  • Relax and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones! To escape the In Laws, do some easy training like yoga walking or jogging, or better still HIT in short bursts to keep your base fitness up and crucially your muscle mass up to keep your calorie burn at rest higher and help out the waistline
  • If your an over exerciser (you know who you are!), give yourself some much needed time out from your training and see it as an opportunity to rest your muscles, repair and regenerate ready for the season – your body will thank you!
  • Get some really good sleep – extra booze isn’t going to help this!

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From all of us at the Tri Swim Coaching Team, Merry Christmas! 
Annie Hollest
Swimming, Triathlon & Open Water CoachDirector of Tri Swim Group

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