How have we made sure that RaceNation Events are COVID Secure?

In order to be able to deliver events during our ‘new normal’, RaceNation Events will always ensure that our events operate strictly within government and the relevant sports’ governing body’s guidelines in order to remain fully COVID secure for everyone’s safety.

You can be confident when booking with us that we are doing things right, and below we have set out how we go about this:

In the Office, and General Considerations

– In the event of an event postponement due to COVID-19, participants are entitled to race credit to the value of their booking which can be used at any RaceNation Event in the next 3 years if they are unable to attend the rescheduled date.

– Race Nation Events will make continued, detailed assessments of all our events to ensure there are no detrimental impacts of staging the event on the wider community and local healthcare systems.

– We will adhere to any NHS Test & Trace requirements and will maintain a record if needed of all staff, participants, and visitors.

– We will adhere to local and national rules on gatherings.

– We will maintain enhanced hygiene throughout the event.

– We will provide the necessary PPE to staff and volunteers.

– All participants, officials, volunteers, and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms and be informed of the following via pre-race communications:

“Do not leave home if you or someone you live with has any of the following:

– high temperature

– new, continuous cough

– loss, or change to smell or taste”

– Participants should be aware of the increased risk associated with taking part in the event, based on the activity undertaken by RaceNation Events.

– Participants are strongly advised to comply with local public health restrictions and avoid high risk behaviour outside the setting to reduce the risk to their fellow participants on the day.

Before an Event

– We will communicate clearly and consistently with all participants and support staff to make sure you know what will be happening on the day.

– We’ll be adaptable to change both before and during the event, as we know things can change at a moment’s notice.

– Our whole event schedule will be designed to make sure that we are never overloading the site with too many people.

– Our race briefings will be recorded and posted online before race day, with consideration given to suitable methods of communication for any last-minute changes.

– Race packs will be posted to all participants in advance of race day and there will be no on the day race pack collection.

– Disposable timing chips for running events will already be stuck to the back of race bibs when they are posted to you, and reusable ankle chips for triathlons will be collected from bike racking. A member of the team will remove your ankle chip at the end of the event.

On the Day

– Sadly, for the time being we cannot allow spectators at our events.  We will change this as soon as guidance allows.

– Participants are discouraged from bringing any equipment, baggage, or clothing that is not essential for their participation in the event, and should as far as possible, make their own arrangements for safe storage.

– Drink Stations will be provided in such a way that social distancing can still be observed by officials and participants, but we are still aiming to move to cupless racing.  COVID-19 has slowed this.

– Our running events will be in a Time Trial format, with your start time displayed on your race bib.

– You will be asked to wait in your vehicle until just before your allocated start time to ensure the pre-start area does not become overcrowded.  The exact amount of time will be detailed in your race briefing.

– Once you cross the start line you are responsible for making sure that you stay 2m away from other participants at all times, even if this means slowing at pinch points until a wider section is available.

– We also have to ask that as soon as you have finished the event, you make your way back to your vehicle as soon as possible.

– We’ll make sure that before your start time, the pre-race area is well marked out with 2m marks to stand on, and that the area is not overcrowded.  We’ll do this by calculating the maximum capacity for the areas and never overfilling them.

– Participants will start at regular, individual, intervals e.g. 15 seconds

 – Pinch points on the course before, during and after the event will be considered.

– Sadly, all features such as entertainment and catering will be removed for the time being.

 – Potential contact points such as the handling of medals will be managed appropriately.

– Pool based Triathlons will be snake swims, and these may be shorter than standard depending on the size of the pool being used.

– There will be increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and equipment using standard household cleaning and disinfection products as recommended by government.

– Hand sanitiser will be available at all touch points (i.e. areas where you need to come into contact with something or someone) and at various other locations at all events.

– All prizegiving ceremonies have been removed from our events for the time being and prizes will be posted to winners, with the details announced on social media.